The requirements for visits requiring access to classified information are stipulated by international agreements on the protection of classified information and security regulations of NATO. Generally, such visits are subject to prior approval by the national security authorities.

In case of the visits within the Czech Republic the following procedure shall apply:

  • Security Officer of the facility/company/institution whose employees intend to visit a facility/company/institution shall complete Request for Visit (RfV) form and send it to his/her parent competent security authority (e.g. NSA, DSA). Such authority shall certify that proposed visitor is a holder of the PSC. In both cases the RfV form shall be signed using electronic signature.
  • Subsequently, the RfV shall be forwarded to the NSA CZ which either approves or denies the request. The facility/company/institution to be visited shall be notified by the NSA CZ about the outcome.


Request for Visit template